Sunday, December 2, 2012

time to get lost. lost in this world.

time to get lost.
lost in this world.
may there be no limitation.
no boundary.
no borders.
set forth with new found beliefs.
see the world for its natural mystic.
get in tune with yourself and nature.
bathe in her essence.
exist in her heavenly glow.
be neighbors with our fellow celestial bodies.
one universal family.
for you are a star.
a star that shines bright across a vast expanse.
there you are, bright and beautiful.
forever glowing.
may your fire never cease to burn.
may you never be vanquished into darkness.
may your spark ignite the minds and hearts of other young spirits.

dawn patrol from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

"another day, just believe. another day, just breathe"

a little bit of summer in december

a little bit of summer in december from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

what month are we in again? boardshorts and bikinis in december? and I thought they said it was going to be a collddddddd winter! ha. maybe in time we shall see winter arrive, and i hope it does. i enjoy those crisp mornings on the beach and clear starry night skies. but no complaining here...south texas winters. we live in a beautiful place. go out and enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

dreams revisited..

drifting silently. under the radar. from one cloud to another. effortlessly. flowing with the wind. yet i keep my direction. I may be wandering, but I'm not lost. in fact, I'm found. a true form. adapting to situations. to survive. to live. to prosper. __________________________________________________________ it's been a year since I left Kauai already. although I miss that magical place, the good times have never stopped. time to rewind a bit and look back on the past times we've had. and here's to more traveling in the future. summer is here. enjoy.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Find Your Flow In Indo Movie Premier/Artshow

Once again, the House of Rock provided us with the perfect Venue for this event! Big thanks out to Casey and his crew! Big ups to all the artists who helped me make this possible by providing their artwork and time!

Gracias a mi amigo Scott Perry aka Jurassic Acid for kicking some tunes to keep everyone rocking.

And another big thanks out to the Marshall Influence for keeping the night grooving after the show!

Y Muchisimas Gracias a Chef Nick Mackrizz for blazing out some unreal tasty peruvian foods!

Shoutout to NEFF for coming through with some sweet prize swag!


All photos thanks to GSCOTT!!

The Venue

Mingling Crowd

Pretty ladies

John Olvey Art

Collin of Marshall Influence has a quiet moment while setting up

Trevor Spofford shares Greg Cheeks Memorial Wall...RIP SUENOS!

Gabe Prusmack setting up his wall

Scott Perry aka The Wizard aka JurassicAcid

Chelsea in front Of Micah Steph's art

GScott, Kent Chrisman, Tony Thomas, and Kendall Bayliss share a wall

Micah's mother Jerry has some insane pieces

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finding your Flow in Indo..

Doors open at 7PM!
$10 at the door

There will be atleast 2 showings of the surf film "Find your flow in Indo".
The first will be at 8:00, and the 2nd showing will be around 9.
-Late March into early April of this year, a group of fellow TX surfers took the trip of their lifetimes, to the pristine tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. We boarded a boat called the "Oasis", and sailed out to the Mentawaii Island chain. We wern't blessed with the best surf, but we were with safe travel, great times, and beautiful scenery. Take a visual journey with us back onboard the "Oasis", and try to "Find your Flow in Indo"!!

Musical performances will be provided by Jurassic Acid and Marshall Influence!

Art provided by:
-Davis Eiermann
-David Davila
-Micah Steph
-Jerry Steph
-Trevor Spofford
-Gabe Prusmack
-Kendal Bayliss
-Kent Chrisman
-John Olvey
-Vic Reilly
-Matt Barker
-G Scott
+HONORARY WALL for the late Greg Cheek!!

+ Hors d'Ĺ“uvres by Peruano Chef Nick Mackrizz!!

Come on out for a good time! Good music with good friends always leads to a good night!

+Prize Giveaways by Neff, Kreed, and WindandWave!

Support your scene!

indo teaser from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

Friday, March 18, 2011

and just like that, he's gone..

"a vagabond of the soul. penetrates the times. he has drifted. floating through the present. not thinking about the past. but not forgetting it. not thinking about the future. but not fearing it. a wanderer of this lifetime. transcends reality and its illusions. stuck in between. between some plane of relevance. or is it irrelevance? a vagabond of the soul searches on. just when you find him, he's gone."

in houston right now about to go to sleep. gotta wake up early tomorrow for the airport. flying to chicago before we get on the longg flight to japan. were just happy right now we can even still go on this indonesia boat trip since japan just got rocked by a 9.0 earthquake + tsunami devastation. really sad for everyone there and wish we had more time to stay and help.

got a real good crew going with us, so really stoked on that.

got 5 new surfboards between pops and I...+ a new HD Canon XH A1....oh, and 2 goPros w/board and chest mounts..
planning on making a movie and premiering it sometime this summer..

i've never been anywhere in the world outside of the US, besides im more than excited for this trip..

after we land in Japan..we have a 20 hour layover, so maybe we will get a chance to cruise around for a bit and check it out..then we fly to jakarta, and then on to padang...we get on the boat from there and are on it for 10 days and 11 nights..STOKED!

keep positive thoughts for us and our crew while we are out at sea..